Cardinal Cottage
Cardinal Cottage,
Sibton, Suffolk.

Tel: +44 (0) 1728 660111



Cardinal Cottage Holidays

Tariff & Availability | 2019 & 2020

or call +44 (0) 1728 660111 for further info

Prices include lighting and heating, and all linen provided.

    2019 £/week Available /
11th May to  18th May £490 taken
18th May to  25th May £580 taken
25th May to  1st June £590 taken
1st June to  8th June £575 available
8th June to  15th June £575 taken
15th June to  22nd June £600 available
22nd June to  29th June £640 taken
29th June to  6th July £640 taken
6th July to  13th July £640 taken
13th July to  20th July £650 taken
20th July to  27th July £720 taken
27th July to  3rd August £720 taken
3rd August to  10th August £720 taken
10th August to  17th August £700 taken
17th August to  24th August £680 taken
24th August to  31st August £660 taken
31st August to  7th September £590 taken
7th September to  14th September £490 taken
14th September to  21st September £440 taken
21st September to  28th September £420 available
28th September to  5th October £400 available
5th October to  12th October £400 available
12th October to  19th October £400 available
19th October to  26th October £500 taken
26th October to  2nd November £500 available
2nd November to  9th November £350 available
9th November to  16th November £350 available
16th November to  23rd November £350 available
23rd November to  30th November £350 available
30th November to  7th December £350 available
7th December to  14th December £350 available
14th December to  21st December £350 available
21st December  to  28th December £650 available
28th December to  3rd January 2020 £650 available
    2020 £/week Available /
4th January  to  11th January £350 available
11th January to  18th January £350 available
18th January to  25th January £350 available
25th January to  1st February £350 available
1st February  to  8th February £350 available
8th February to  15th February £350 available
15th February to  22nd February £420 taken
22nd February to  29th February £365 available
29th February to  7th March £365 available
7th March to  14th March £365 available
14th March to  21st March £365 available
21st March to  28th March £365 available
28th March to  4th April  £365 available
4th April to  11th April £525 available
11th April to to  18th April  £525 available
18th April to  25th April £470 taken
25th April to  2nd May £470 available
2nd May to  9th May £480 available
9th May to  16th May £515 available
16th May to  23rd May £600 available
23rd May to  30th May £610 taken
30th May to  6th June £600 available
6th June to  13th June £600 available
13th June to  20th June £625 available
20th June to  27th June £650 available
27th June to  4th July £650 available
4th July to  11th July £660 available
11th July to  18th July £690 available
18th July to  25th July £750 available
25th July to  1st August £755 available
1st August to  8th August £760 available
8th August to  15th August £760 available
15th August to  22nd August £690 available
22ndAug to  29th August £690 available
29th August to  5th September £660 available
5th September to  12th September £510 available
12th September to  19th September £450 available
19th September to  26th September £450 available
26th September to  3rd October £420 available
3rd October to  10th October £420 available
10th October to  17th October £420 available
17th October to  24th October £420 available
24th October to  31st October £550 available
31st October to  7th November £550 available
7th November to  14th November £365 available
14th November to  21st November £365 available
21st November to  28th November £365 available
28th November to  5th December £365 available
5th December to  12th December £365 available
12th December to  19th December £365 available
19th December to  26th December £650 available
26th December to  2nd January £650 available

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